1. #WaffleHouse is too packed! #JackInTheBox it is!

  2. Swagged up I be killin!

  3. And no I didn’t wait in line for em

  4. “@aboveND_BREyond: Lmao I’m trying ! «@NOVAKAN3 @aboveND_BREyond go to bed»” cut off all electronic devices

  5. I want to see my niggas @djdontizl @djhellayella @TheRealDJPhife @DJThree20 and @DJPriddyRicKKI on #MasterOfTheMix

  6. “@IMSOCEO: Shout out to @NOVAKAN3 . He coped that Justin bieber Xmas cd.. I see ya wit bieber fever son!!!!” lol

  7. Niggas drop out of school to be party promoters lol

  8. now following @Made2ModelBrit

  9. Those 1000 Crunches are getting easy. Have to add another ab workout with it.

  10. Nas killed that boy Jay on that Ether track. That was one of the greatest beefs ever. Both of them came with it!